Initial Azure Impressions

Initial Azure Impressions

For about the last month I’ve had the opportunity to work on a couple of different projects that heavily use Microsoft Azure. This is my first significant exposure to Azure and its services and over this last month I’ve experienced both the good and the bad. I wanted to share some of my insights, not […]

Choosing a Mocking Framework

As we neared the end of our BizSpark license term here at Don’t Panic Labs, we had to make some big choices when it came to licensing Visual Studio. Through BizSpark we were using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, which gave us access to a lot of different features. One of which, Microsoft Fakes, was heavily […]

More Than Fun And Games

On our blog we usually write about what we’re doing around the office. It’s easy because that’s what comes to our minds while we’re in the office. But what about our endeavors outside the office? How do our hobbies and extracurricular activities affect or complement what we do at Don’t Panic Labs? In my estimation, […]