Our team has a storied history of developing complex software products that provide sustainable business agility while also solving difficult problems.

When we say “business agility,” we mean designing software that encapsulates change and sets your company or product up for scalable growth.

We expect to uncover new insights along the way, so we architect solutions that quickly adapt.

How we do it

Always Have a Plan

Crucible of Learning

The experience gained from the numerous products we have undertaken through the years has shaped our approach to new products and startups. We have utilized this knowledge to refine our problem-solving methods and discover the most effective strategies.

Always Have a Plan

Always have a plan

Contrary to some popular beliefs, you can be innovative when you have a plan. The right kind of plan increases agility, enables you to react appropriately to change, and maximizes your efforts within the constraints of your project.

Always Have a Plan

Design for Change

Requirements will consistently change in form and in priority, so we use iterative/Agile approaches for development and releases. It is also why we design our systems to allow for change to occur.

Always Have a Plan

Layered approach to quality

There is no one software practice that will find every bug. That is why we employ a layered approach to quality that includes automated unit/integration testing, code reviews, pair programming, etc.

Always Have a Plan

Individual Accountability

Hierarchy and bureaucracy are rarely beneficial in creative endeavors, which is why we promote accountability and decision-making at both the individual and team levels.

Always Have a Plan

Proven Patterns & Designs

Few problems require novel solutions. That is why we strive to adopt proven patterns and designs whenever possible. We develop from first principles when absolutely necessary.

Diverse Expertise

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