Using AWS Elemental MediaConvert


| February 14, 2023 | in

Before hosting a video, you usually need to encode it into bitrates that perform well for various situations.

AWS has Elemental MediaConvert, a service that generates videos for online distribution.

When you first get started, a wall of options emerges.

Create Job screen

But when you walk through the wall, it isn’t that bad. First, we have to select our input video.

Input 1 screen

Next, we need to add outputs. Precisely what to output depends on your goals. A common goal would be transcoding to support HLS (Apple) and DASH (other platforms). For our example, we’ll start with HLS.

Add output group screen

Next, we need to select an output location.


Then I recommend turning on Automated ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate). This will create multiple versions of your video to improve the streaming experience. People with lower bandwidth connections can still stream your video, but with adjusted quality.

Enabling Automated ABR

Next, we’ll add a DASH version.

Add Output Group screen

Again, we need to provide an output location.


And we will again use ABR.

Enabling Automated ABR

Lastly, we click “Create”.

The Create button

Encoding a video might take a while, especially when encoding multiple bitrates. But when completed, we will have a video that can be played adaptively on your website.

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