A Ride into the Future

A Ride into the Future

Yesterday, I took a ride into the future. No, I wasn’t on board a time machine. I participated in a public demonstration of a self-driving shuttle in the parking lot at Nebraska Innovation Campus. The electric-powered shuttle, built by French company Navya, holds up...

Why I’m Betting On Windows Phone

I fell for Windows Phone while attending Microsoft MIX 2010. The OS had a fresh, albeit flat, minimalistic interface. I loved the vision of a common design pattern shared between the Windows Phone OS and its apps. And appealing to my logical side, completing tasks was...

SELECT Build Deploy from TFS 2010

TFS has always provided great ways to build your projects and solutions: Builds are easily started and reviewed by different members on the team Builds are automatically versioned and backed up Work items and bugs can be associated with individual builds Deploying a...

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