| September 13, 2022 | in

I am always on the lookout for new tools and frameworks for writing software. While I bump into many tools that I’ll probably never use, Avalonia is one that I actually hope to try out soon.

For me, Avalonia is a spiritual successor of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), a framework that really needed a V2.

In many ways, Microsoft’s own .NET MAUI is the true spiritual successor to WPF. However, I still don’t have enough confidence in MAUI to recommend anyone use it. It still feels like something you might play with but not something you should adopt for real projects.

Perhaps Avalonia is in the same boat, but it feels more mature than MAUI. Avalonia has a VS extension and a Rider extension, making it feel more real.

Avalonia’s documentation is mostly sparse, and it feels like an early-stage project. But what documentation there is seems pretty good.

Avalonia might be just scratching a WPF itch that I miss. I liked many things about WPF and always wished it hung around as a first-class way of writing software. Maybe the days of desktop software are behind us, and the web is where it is all at.

Regardless, I hope to give Avalonia a try very soon.



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