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DPL Reading List – December 4, 2020


| December 4, 2020 | in

Each Friday, we share a curated list of articles we found during the past week. Here’s the list of the new and interesting ones we found this week. If there’s an article you think we should read, let us know in the comments below.


The Leadership and Artistry of Tony Hsieh – A remembrance of Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos and widely considered to be a legendary entrepreneur and thinker, who died last week.


Forget Impostors. Among Us Is a Playground for Hackers – The blockbuster game of deception has security holes that let cheaters run wild.


Founders, Apply the Scientific Method to Your Startup – These professors have found that Lean business founders trained in the scientific method have a higher success rate than those who do not receive such training.


Why is Apple’s M1 Chip So Fast? – A really cool deep-dive into what makes Apple’s M1 Macs so fast.


Ransomware Attack Closes Baltimore County Public Schools – Public schools in Baltimore County in Maryland were closed this week and officials responded to a cyberattack that affected their websites and remote learning programs.


Amazon is bringing macOS to its AWS cloud – While developers have been able to turn to companies like MacStadium to host macOS instances, Apple’s updated licensing agreement for macOS Big Sur makes things a lot clearer for cloud hosting providers.


Amazon and Apple Are Powering a Shift Away From Intel’s Chips – Change is brewing in the computer industry. Apple and Amazon are cutting their dependence on Intel and, instead, are leveraging their own chips that use technology licensed from Arm.

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