Azure Face, Part 3: Doug vs Bill


| September 22, 2020 | in

In my previous post, we wrote some code to determine if we had Doug in an image. But we were not comparing Doug against anyone else. Now it’s time to make a small tweak to train the system to recognize Doug when we give it an image of someone else – like Bill.

The code for this will be very similar as last time, but now with the risk that we could get a different person than we expect. So how do we compare one person against another?

The Azure Face API makes this pretty easy. The API “identify” call returns a person candidate object, which contains a GUID for that person. We can use that GUID to call the Get method on the PersonGroupPerson API to retrieve the correct person. This allows us to have a pretty simple method that returns a person within an image.

The overall code is for this version is very similar to what we’ve done so far:

  1. Create a faces client
  2. Create a person group
  3. Create two people (Doug & Bill)
  4. Add images of Doug to person “Doug”
  5. Add images of Bill to person “Bill”
  6. Train the image recognizer
  7. Test recognizer to identify a particular person
  8. Let the recognizer tell us who it thinks it found

Final code

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