Azure Face, Part 2: Is Doug, Doug?


| September 16, 2020 | in

Azure’s Face API is pretty amazing. In my previous blog post, we saw that Face can identify a human face in any image we feed it. In this blog post, we will find Doug’s in a picture. We won’t test this very extensively here; we are going to start with a pretty simple example.

This is Doug

The code to recognize faces is very similar to the code we use to find faces in an image. It comes down to these six steps.

  1. Create an Azure Face API client
  2. Create a Person Group
  3. Create a Person
  4. Add images to that person
  5. Train the image recognizer
  6. Use Azure to Identify Doug in an image

The console output for this code should be as follows:

Found face Count 1
Found person = 302af69c-7d5c-44a1-9283-7ba9782a2342
Doug person = 302af69c-7d5c-44a1-9283-7ba9782a2342

Up next: We are going to seed two different photos and see if it can distinguish between Doug and Bill.


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