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DPL Reading List – May 15, 2020


| May 15, 2020 | in

Each Friday, we share a curated list of articles we found during the past week. Here’s the list of the new and interesting ones we found this week. If there’s an article you think we should read, let us know in the comments below.

Microsoft offers $100,000 to hack its custom Linux OS – Azure Sphere’s mission is to help secure the billions of IoT devices that will be in use in the next decade.


Players are flocking to this digital escape room, built with Zoom and Google Drive – Innovating on the popular pastime that has been put on hold during the pandemic. And it has proven popular with companies looking for team-building activities and with bored families.


ZFS 101—Understanding ZFS storage and performance – An in-depth introduction to the next-gen file system.


The Easy Questions That Stump Computers – Common sense reasoning has resisted AI researchers’ efforts for decades.


Why giving back is my most valuable tool in weathering a crisis – A managing director at HP shares about the impact of giving back in times like these.


Good Leadership Is About Communicating “Why” – When seeking to inspire and motivate your team and your customers, don’t forget to include the why.


How to embrace ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ even if you’re not an entrepreneur – Entrepreneurs live with uncertainty every day. Here are some techniques one entrepreneur uses to keep fear from taking over his life.

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