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DPL Reading List – January 24, 2020


| January 24, 2020 | in

Each Friday, we share a curated list of articles we found during the past week. Here’s the list of the new and interesting ones we found this week. If there’s an article you think we should read, let us know in the comments below.

Here’s How Just Four Satellites Could Provide Worldwide Internet – While what they’ve found is theoretical at the moment, it’s an interesting approach to the problem of global internet coverage.

The Guy Who Invented Inbox Zero Says We’re All Doing It Wrong – Merlin Mann talks about how we’re getting Inbox Zero wrong and shares what we should be doing instead.

To Achieve Big Goals, Start with Small Habits – Many of us are programmed to “go big or go home”, but this can often be more burdensome than motivational. Sometimes the best way to go big is to start small.

The X Factor of Great Corporate Cultures – When an organization understands, communicates, and celebrates its quiddity (the “why it does what it does”), it’s far more able to drive culture and all that culture informs — which includes recruitment, training, branding, reputation, and more.

This is why you should have your own personal communication style – The root of many problems comes from a communication breakdown. Having your own style of communication can help.

How to Build a Great Relationship with a Mentor – It’s been proven that people with mentors perform better and have more work-life satisfaction. But where to start? The eight goals listed here can help you find a mentor and build that relationship.

An Emotionally Intelligent AI Could Support Astronauts on a Trip to Mars – Could emotionally intelligent AI help astronauts on long-term missions?

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