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DPL Reading List – March 29, 2019


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Here are some of the new and interesting articles we found this week.

Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates to Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers – “Researchers at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab say that ASUS, one of the world’s largest computer makers, was used to unwittingly install a malicious backdoor on thousands of its customers’ computers last year after attackers compromised a server for the company’s live software update tool. The malicious file was signed with legitimate ASUS digital certificates to make it appear to be an authentic software update from the company, Kaspersky Lab says.”

5 Ways to Leave Your Work Stress at Work – “Stress is a part of most jobs. Here are five ways to recharge at home without adding stress to the lives of the very people who most want to support you.”

Who was Garamond, anyway? The history behind 5 classic typefaces – “Typefaces create pictures of words. Like images, each typeface communicates an idea, emotion, and point of view. Helvetica might speak to neutrality and information; Garamond can read as literary and classic; Bodoni feels sophisticated, urbane, and crisp. The choice of typeface communicates a subtle message to the viewer.”

A.I. Is Flying Drones (Very, Very Slowly) – “The AlphaPilot competition, which is sponsored by Lockheed Martin and part of the racing league’s new Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing Circuit, aims to drive interest and research into self-driving, or autonomous, vehicles. Nine teams will compete this fall, out of 430 currently making their way through qualifying rounds — students, A.I. researchers and independent drone enthusiasts, among others — according to the organizers.”

Scientists have good news and bad news about sit-stand desks – “Researchers recently analyzed 53 separate studies conducted on sit-stand desks and discovered that, while sit-stand desks certainly aren’t a panacea–and they probably won’t shed inches off your waistline–they can absolutely have a positive impact on your health and well-being.”

Don’t Fall Into The Trap of ‘Productive Procrastination’ – “Productive procrastination is the act of being busy while still procrastinating on your most valuable tasks. Even though you might work 8 to 10-hour workdays and you feel productive, you’re still not truly productive. In reality, by keeping yourself busy with a lot of to-do’s, you distract yourself from doing the work that is truly important and impactful.”

Meet the People Coding Our World – “Images of computer programmers tend to be charged with stereotypes: the quiet nerd, the punk hacker, the hoodie-wearing loner. But what do we really know about the people who are, more than ever, shaping our lives? As screen times soar and tech continues to replace even the most mundane tasks, it might serve us well to know more about the people behind the programs.”

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