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DPL Reading List – March 1, 2019


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Here are some of the new and interesting articles we found this week.

Microsoft puts mixed reality, high-speed 3D rendering, and Kinect vision into cloud – “The Azure Kinect Developer Kit (DK) bumps up the specs substantially when compared to the old Xbox accessory; it includes a 12MP RGB camera, 1MP depth camera, and 360-degree microphone array made up of seven microphones. It also contains an accelerometer and gyroscope. Early customers are using it for applications like detecting when hospital patients fall over, automating the unloading of pallets in warehouses, and creating software that compares CAD models to the physical parts built from those models.”

Want to Be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal. – “Gaining access to your own insight isn’t difficult; you simply need to commit to reflecting on a daily basis. Based on research (my own and others’) and many years of work with global business leaders as a consultant and international management professor, I recommend the simple act of regularly writing in a journal.”

It’s Time for Digital Products to Start Empowering Us – “Empowerment means becoming more confident, especially in controlling our own lives and asserting our rights. That is not technology’s current paradigm. Instead, digital products demand so much of us and intrude so deeply into our daily existence that they undermine our confidence and control. Our data and activity are mined and used with no compensation or transparency. Our focus is crippled by constant notifications. Our choices are reduced by algorithms that dictate what we see.”

Video Games taught me these 3 lessons about Learning – “Learning instantly is something that only exists in movies. So, for now, we are left to the limitations of our brain. We must fail while learning individual components, then work to find relationships to build systems. Learning requires that we engage our brain and work to keep the information.”

How entrepreneurs navigate the difficult moments they’ll inevitably face – “I won’t sugarcoat it: Digging deep can be hard. But pushing through the lowest of lows and working until you hit a mental or physical limit helps you come out the other side stronger, and makes you more resilient to future roadblocks. This week on Zero to IPO, we talked to three entrepreneurs about career-defining low points. Here’s what their stories taught us.”

Why Your Brain Needs Idle Time – “When your brain is bombarded with novel stimuli or information, she says, it can struggle to generate purposefulness and meaning. Too much of this can you leave you feeling aimless — or worse.”

This Is Why A.I. Has Yet to Reshape Most Businesses – “This doesn’t necessarily mean that A.I. is overhyped. It’s just that when it comes to reshaping how business gets done, pattern-recognition algorithms are a small part of what matters. Far more important are organizational elements that ripple from the IT department all the way to the front lines of a business.”

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