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DPL Reading List – September 21, 2018


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Here are some of the articles we found this week.

Why Google Fiber Is High-Speed Internet’s Most Successful Failure – “In the Big Bang Disruption model, where innovations take off suddenly when markets are ready for them, Google Fiber could be seen as a failed early market experiment in gigabit internet access. But what if the company’s goal was never to unleash the disrupter itself so much as to encourage incumbent broadband providers to do so, helping Google’s expansion in adjacent markets such as video and emerging markets including smart homes?”

A Decade-Old Attack Can Break the Encryption of Most PCs – “To get the keys, the attack uses a well-known approach called a “cold boot,” in which a hacker shuts down a computer improperly—say, by pulling the plug on it—restarts it, and then uses a tool like malicious code on a USB drive to quickly grab data that was stored in the computer’s memory before the power outage. Operating systems and chipmakers added mitigations against cold boot attacks 10 years ago, but the F-Secure researchers found a way to bring them back from the dead.”

How Self-Reflection Can Help Leaders Stay Motivated – “In a study forthcoming in Journal of Applied Psychology, we draw from positive psychology research to develop and test a short daily intervention that helps leaders remain energized throughout the day at work. Research suggests that leaders’ sense of self is closely tied to their leadership role, and leaders care about being successful in their role. For this reason, we expected that an intervention that asks leaders to reflect upon positive aspects of themselves as leaders may energize them by reversing their depletion and improving their engagement.”

How Game Apps That Captivate Kids Have Been Collecting Their Data – “Without explicit, verifiable permission from parents, children’s sites and apps are prohibited from collecting personal details including names, email addresses, geolocation data and tracking codes like “cookies” if they’re used for targeted ads. But the New Mexico lawsuit and the analyses of children’s apps suggest that some app developers, ad tech companies and app stores are falling short in protecting children’s privacy.”

Creativity and Learning in the Era of AI – “You could say that the era of AI will “force” people to focus more on creativity. But I see this as an opportunity, not a problem. Creative activities bring joy, meaning, and purpose to people’s lives. Focusing on creativity is not just an economic imperative, it is also a path towards human fulfillment, an opportunity for humans to be more human.”

How a Cyber Attack Could Cause the Next Financial Crisis – “Companies must implement systems that enable them to stop the spread of a cyber attack contagion, and to resume operations as rapidly and smoothly as possible.”

AI-Human “Hive Mind” Diagnoses Pneumonia – “In the end, the Swarm AI system was 33 percent more accurate at correctly classifying patients than individual practitioners, and 22 percent more accurate than a Stanford machine-learning program called CheXNet. Last year, CheXNet beat radiologists at diagnosing pneumonia from X-rays.”

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