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DPL Reading List – April 20, 2018


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Here are some of the articles we’ve been reading around this office this week.

A Simple Tool to Start Making Decisions with the Help of AI – “Better predictions matter when you make decisions in the face of uncertainty, as every business does, constantly. But how do you think through what it would take to incorporate a prediction machine into your decision-making process?”

“Quasi-Non-Volatile” Memory Looks to Fill Gap Between Volatile and Non-Volatile Memory – “Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai, China have leveraged two-dimensional (2D) materials to fabricate a relatively new gate design for transistors that may fill the gap between volatile and non-volatile memory.”

Another reason why your Docker containers may be slow – “While it’s definitely not a new discovery, most people still don’t keep in mind that in the case of containers, “isolated” processes compete not only for CPU, RAM, disk, and network but also for all kinds of kernel resources.”

Microsoft’s bid to secure the Internet of Things: Custom Linux, custom chips, Azure – “The drive to connect everything to the Internet and build the Internet of Things has created a new security nightmare. Millions of devices with little to no active maintenance are now permanently online, enabling the creation of massive botnets as the devices go unpatched and unloved. Microsoft today announced its solution: Azure Sphere.”

The Mechanical Keyboards Of Yesteryear Are Back—And Better Than Ever – “Every day, millions of PC users hunch over keyboards that perform adequately enough to pre-empt much thought about them. But for fans of mechanical keyboards, more than a half-dozen variables might go into determining whether the object of their fingers’ force is worthy to send characters to their displays.”

Future Factory: How Technology Is Transforming Manufacturing – “Manufacturing is become increasingly more efficient, customized, modular, and automated. But factories remain in flux. Manufacturers are known to be slow adopters of technology, and many may resist making new investments. But as digitization becomes the new standard in industry, competitive pressure will escalate the inventive to evolve.”

Alexa Is a Revelation for the Blind – “It doesn’t really matter whether Alexa provides Dad with useful knowledge or a seamless way to communicate. It does something more fundamental: It allows him to connect with people and ideas in a contemporary way. To live fully means more than sensing with the eyes and ears—it also means engaging with the technologies of the moment, and seeing the world through the triumphs and failures they uniquely offer.”

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