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DPL Reading List – December 8, 2017


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Here are some of the articles we’ve been reading around this office this week.

5 amazing books I read this year – “Reading is my favorite way to indulge my curiosity. Although I’m lucky that I get to meet with a lot of interesting people and visit fascinating places through my work, I still think books are the best way to explore new topics that interest you.”

Great Corporate Strategies Thrive on the Right Amount of Tension – “Too much stress to your strategy can be detrimental; but a sufficient amount of strategic stress ensures that your organization moves forward efficiently, and keeps you alert and responsive to emerging developments. Just like a diamond is the valuable outcome of constant pressure from multiple sides, strategic success results from balanced pressure on your strategy.”

Why Bitcoin Is the MySpace of Cryptocurrencies, But the Blockchain Is Here to Stay – “Cryptocurrencies came onto the scene about a decade ago and have continued to redefine the way we perceive and handle financial transactions. However, the real hero of this heralding was not the cryptocurrency but the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrency transactions as feasible and efficient as they are — the blockchain.”

How the Internet of Things Can Prepare Cities for Natural Disasters – “Timing is everything in a disaster situation. By incorporating IoT data into emergency response plans, public sector agencies and responders can use real-time information to make plans and reach the citizens who need help.”

How the Index Card Cataloged the World – “Yet it never occurred to me, as I rehearsed my talking points more than a decade ago, that my index cards belonged to the very European history I was studying. The index card was a product of the Enlightenment, conceived by one of its towering figures: Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist, physician, and the father of modern taxonomy.”

Top audiobooks for Startup Founders – “…I’ve decided to share a collection of my favorite audiobooks and podcasts that I think HN readers will love. This is the best stuff I have discovered over the past 3–4 years, and I’m sure you guys will enjoy each of these books, so if you haven’t read some of them yet — I highly recommend you to check them out.”

How Startups Should Do Customer Discovery – “Even though the Ceres Imaging founders initially wanted to build drones, talking to potential customers convinced them that, as I predicted, the farmers couldn’t care less how the company acquired the data.”

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