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DPL Reading List – September 8, 2017


| September 8, 2017 | in

Here are some of the articles we’ve been reading around this office this week.

Designing IoT Products for Consumers – “Rather than trying to breathe life into inert objects, designers should focus on designing IoT products that are mute and functional.”

4 Examples of How AR & VR Will Improve Customer Service – “The internet made customer service less personal, can AR & VR change that?”

The marriage of high tech and high finance – “As the distinction between finance and technology increasingly blurs, established financial services companies will face formidable new competition. And it is not just start-ups that they will need to hold at bay. Silicon Valley-based technology giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook all have their sights set on a slice of the financial services business, too.”

How I do Developer UX at Google – “As software continues to drive changes in the world, let’s make sure developers are as productive and happy as possible.”

5 Ways to Turn Mental Challenges Into Unstoppable Strengths – “If you are someone who trends toward going a bit overboard, how can you make sure you’re taking care of yourself, your business and your relationships without sacrificing that “entrepreneurial edge” or becoming a cautionary tale?”

The Reason Your Brain Loves Wide Design – “So what can designers do with this information? Maeng suggests that for cars, houses, watches, or any type of status symbol product that seems to have a face, wide ratios may be more appealing to consumers, and command a higher sticker price.”

No Creative Process is the same, find yours and embrace it. – “Think that each mind has its own “key” to unlock further potential. Knowing where that key stand means you can use it to access parts of your brain that will help you to see things more clear.”

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