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DPL Reading List – August 11, 2017


| August 11, 2017 | in

Here are some of the articles we’ve been reading around this office this week.

Success Begins in The Morning – “Time management starts right from the minute you wake up from bed. You are most active and productive in the morning, hence the need to do everything in your power to make the first few hours count.”

6 Honest Truths About Failure That All Entrepreneur Should Embrace – “Failure is a scary, seven-letter word that no aspiring entrepreneurs likes to hear. The truth is that no entrepreneurial journal can be complete without it.”

Why paper sketching is always a good idea – “Composing ideas, thoughts, goals, requirements are achieved by visualization which is never achieved in the first shot or iteration.”

Success with the Internet of Things Requires More Than Chasing the Cool Factor – “Ultimately, this is the promise of IoT as the foundation for digital transformation: supercharging business to better serve customers and stakeholders. But to fully realize IoT’s potential, companies need to approach it as a multifaceted journey, making changes to their business models and strategies — or risk ending their trip before it really begins.”

A Dozen Times Artificial Intelligence Startled The World – “Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are some of the most fascinating ways to “teach” computers to do human tasks. We’ve always heard that competition can boost performance, but now GANs are taking “learning from Competition” to an industrial scale.”

Enhance Your Creative Thinking – “Creativity isn’t exclusive to people who appear to focus on it for a living—it’s for everyone, because we all participate at varying levels, even if only mentally.”

How to Write a Perfect Error Message – “Error messages are a great opportunity to improve user experience, share your brand voice and personality. Pay attention to all aspects of a good error message — the language, placement, and visual design to make it a really perfect.”

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