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DPL Reading List – August 4, 2017


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Here are some of the articles we’ve been reading around this office this week.

The Financial Industry Needs to Start Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five – “Despite rapid innovations in data processing and machine learning, many businesses have yet to make the leap from the Industrial Age to the information age, and the gap between technological and organizational progress is widening. Closing this gap requires much more than short-term fixes, like adopting new technologies. Businesses need to organize around long-term strategies for growth and partnership in a sustainable way. The consequences for not doing so can be dire.”

7 Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Use to Boost Discipline and Execute Effectively – “Discipline and determination, not motivation, ultimately sustain our abilities to pursue our goals as the initial spark burns out but a stronger, less violent fire grows over time.”

Technical Leadership: Getting Started – “Before I became a software engineer, I thought that the most important part of the job would be coding. I was wrong. The most important (and hardest) part of software engineering is working well with other humans.”

Intrapreneurers Wanted: 5 Tips for Teams Built to Innovate – “With over 10 years of experience working collaboratively to develop groundbreaking solutions for customers, Jyoti understands the challenges and rewards of creating new teams.”

Blockchain: the revolution we’re not ready for – “Blockchains (and the consensus protocols that support them) were invented as a result of developers trying to solve a bold problem: how to create digital, untraceable money. By combining cryptography, game theory, economics, and computer science, they managed to create an entirely new set of tools for building decentralized systems. But what they created will change much more than just how we exchange money. It’s going to change the entire world. And hardly anyone seems to notice.”

The 4 Easiest Ways To Overcome Distraction & Do Brilliant Work – “You have an Enemy. So do I. Call it the Devil or Resistance or plain old distraction. But it’s a real adversary, prowling around you, waiting for just the right moment to strike and consume you. To destroy the work that you’re trying so hard to create. Your job is to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Hype – “Artificial Intelligence is making headlines everywhere. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve definitely come across the terms AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and so on. Anyone who knows a thing or two about the tech industry, knows that it is no stranger to catchphrases, fads, buzzwords and hype.”

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