Don’t Panic Labs Employees Buy Full Interest in Company

Don’t Panic Labs Employees Buy Full Interest in Company


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Software product and design company Don’t Panic Labs is proud to announce that it has completed the purchase of investment fund Nebraska Global’s interest in the company.

“This is a red-letter day in the history of Don’t Panic Labs,” said Doug Durham, CEO and co-founder of Don’t Panic Labs. “Our team has always been key to our success, and we want them to share in more of those fruits. They will now have more ‘skin in the game’ as we continue to grow. Our ownership also provides a powerful tool in our recruiting toolbox to attract talent that is looking for opportunities to impact our tech ecosystem and share in the upside of our success.”

Nebraska Global Co-Founder Steve Kiene offered the following comments, “The culture and mindset of a team changes when each of them looks around the room and sees their fellow owners. It creates bonds and enables determination and potential that is unmatched. I am pleased to see the team take this step and become the full owners of not only their company but of their destiny. I have enjoyed watching these young folks grow up and mature into technology, business, and community leaders who are now inspiring and developing the next generation of talent from our hard-working and diverse Nebraska talent pool.”

“The plan to buy the company has been on our roadmap for some time, so we’re excited to see it come to fruition,” said Bill Udell, COO of Don’t Panic Labs.

Don’t Panic Labs was founded in 2010 as the product development arm of Nebraska Global. It provided the technical and engineering expertise that launched portfolio companies Beehive Industries, EliteForm, and Ocuvera — all of which are still based in Lincoln. Under the guidance of Brian Zimmer — who now serves as Chief Product Officer — Don’t Panic Labs began partnering with outside organizations to assist in product development and training in 2013. What started with just two engineers and Zimmer has grown to 40 employees and created partnerships with organizations in numerous industries nationwide.

“When we first started working with other businesses, I never imagined the growth we have experienced,” said Zimmer. “The tech ecosystem here in Nebraska is strong. The number of organizations and entrepreneurs we work with every year bears that out.”

Through the years, the company has made its own investments in startups and impacted the ecosystem beyond software product development.

  • In 2019, Don’t Panic Labs partnered with PipeBurstPro to develop software for their leak and flood detection system.
  • In 2020, the company partnered with Doane University to create Nebraska Dev Lab, an educational program for individuals and under-represented groups wanting to move into software development.
  • In partnership with the City of Lincoln, Leadership Lincoln, and Center for People in Need, Don’t Panic Labs created MyLink, an app and website that empowers community members to locate services and programs for those in need.
  • Most recently, Don’t Panic Labs has been creating Tenzing, a “business alignment platform” that supports organizations with in-house software development teams.


Nebraska Global will retain a minority interest in these investments.

The companies are not disclosing the terms of the deal. Doug Durham will remain part of the Nebraska Global, Ocuvera, and Beehive Industries boards.

Don’t Panic Labs will remain at 1317 Q Street Suite 150, where it relocated in September 2021.

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