CouchDB Using Nano NPM

CouchDB Using Nano NPM


| December 7, 2021 | in

In my previous blog post, I did a quick intro to CouchDB. In this post, we will dive into writing some code that uses CouchDB. We will use NodeJS for this application. You could just as easily write this in C# or any language, but for this post I thought I’d play around with NodeJS.

I’ll start by initializing the directory.

npm init

Next, I’ll install TypeScript for our project.

npm install --save typescript ts-node

For the code, we are going to create a NodeJS Express application.

npm install --save-dev @types/node @types/express

Now it’s time to install Nano, which is an npm library for calling CouchDB.

npm install --save nano @types/nano

Now we can write some simple NodeJS endpoints for interacting with CouchDB.

First, we will write an endpoint that returns all CouchDB databases.

Next, we will write an endpoint that returns all documents in the test1 database.

The code to interact with CouchDB is pretty straightforward. In my next post, we will create some items and try some more advanced queries.

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