Looking Back and Looking Ahead


| March 12, 2013 | in

As we were looking back over the blog’s 2012 stats, I was struck (and humbled, honestly) at how many visitors we’ve received and the attention certain posts had garnered. Our five most popular posts in 2012 were:

But that was last year. What do we plan on doing this year?

We are very proud of the talent we’ve assembled here at Don’t Panic Labs. We make a point to bring people on board who aren’t just high-quality, but also bring unique knowledge and experiences to the team so that everyone may broaden their knowledge by learning from each other. But by building a team with such depth of knowledge and variety of backgrounds, we feel a sense of responsibility to share what we know – not just internally but externally as well – with the hopes that others will find it useful and that we may learn something as well.

Our stats, along with the online conversations we’ve had, seem to reinforce this.

As I look ahead into 2013, I find myself continually impressed with the variety of topics there are to cover. As new technologies mature and become viable for building real world products, we continue to add to our collective knowledge – and blog post topics.

I don’t want to give too much away, but our backlog of topics continues to grow and we’re excited about what we think 2013 will bring.

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