Twilio Verify

Twilio Verify


| June 28, 2022 | in

The Twilio Verify API allows us to verify users while not requiring them to enter (or remember) a password. This is a huge benefit for many systems. Having fewer passwords is better.

Twilio Verify is extremely easy to set up. First, you must have a Twilio account. This is pretty straightforward.

Once you have an account, you need to get a Twilio phone number, which is also pretty easy. Next, you to get a pathServiceSid for the Verify service. Both of these tasks can be completed from within the Twilio portal.

After you have the Twilio account stuff out of the way, it’s time to write some code.

We’ll add a NuGet reference to Twilio. Then it is a simple matter of sending a code to a phone.

Then we must verify the code sent to the phone.

If we get an approval, we can assume they have access to the phone number, and we can let them enter our system.


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