Things You Will Probably Learn in the First Year of Being a Developer

Things You Will Probably Learn in the First Year of Being a Developer


| June 23, 2022 | in

You will learn a lot during your first year as a software developer. But the biggest surprise may be how vital communication is to the success of software projects.

Many of the things learned during the first year boil down to communication. Project management, task management, standups, iteration planning, and retros are all really about communication within a team. These aspects of a project are essential for success.

Some things learned during the first year are also about communication tools. Effective uses of Slack or Teams are key to clear and effective communication within a team.

But there’s more! One of the more important things you will learn will be the value senior developers bring to the table. Good senior developers provide a lot of guidance and help on many of the issues that arise. These folks have likely been around a while and have a lot of experience under their belts. They are a great resource. Use them.

During the first year, you will probably be shocked by how much time can be lost to rework. Rework will eat more time on projects than you could have imagined.

Another learning will be that hosting software projects is a challenge. Cloud hosting comes with numerous challenges. As a software developer, you will be involved in the hosting and set up more than you might have expected.

And lastly, you will realize that this is an industry that requires you always to be learning. To be a great software engineer, you must love learning.

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