Microsoft Build 2020 Recap

Despite the virtual nature of this year’s Microsoft Build developer conference, there were a lot of great updates and news to be shared. There’s no way I could cover everything in one post, so here are some of my favorite parts.


There are few things in software I am hungrier for information about than Blazor. And by Blazor, I do not mean the server-side rendering version that is already available. I want a full SPA using Blazor. Blazor WebAssembly is finally available, which does support running .NET in the browser.



Multi-Platform UI (Xamarin Forms –> MAUI)

Xamarin Forms has long been a platform for cross-platform UIs, especially targeted at mobile applications. With each version, it feels like it has become a more robust platform. And with announcements at Build, it appears Microsoft is doubling down on Xamarin Forms and making it MAUI. With MAUI, there is going to be a focus on not just mobile, but also desktop applications.



C# 9

C# continues to evolve, it has come a long way from the .NET Framework 1 days. Many of the updates have been focused on simplifying syntax and minimizing the amount of duplication we must do as developers. With C# 9, it looks like a lot of the focus is on making the initialization of objects easier and requires less code.

The new “record” options you can create classes that have more value type behaviors. I am also excited by the ability to easily copy an object using the “with” operator.



Visual Studio Live Share

VS Live Share also looks very interesting, especially in this remote world we find ourselves in right now. With VS Live share developers can work together on code, without having to install extra software. This ability to quickly collaborate without synchronizing code or fighting different configurations is a big deal.


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