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| November 21, 2017 | in

Those of us who are engineers know we aren’t looked up to for our fashion sense. We tend to be t-shirt and jeans people, or sometimes t-shirt and sweatpants people.

Now this isn’t a sign of anything wrong, but I often feel engineers are just focusing a little too much on the function. I think given a chance, they might dress up a little more (as long as the clothes are comfortable).

However, Bill is an engineer with fashion sense. He dresses up often, at least more often than the average engineer.

This gave me an idea for a blog post series.

We like writing blog posts here at Don’t Panic Labs. We keep an editorial calendar to track our ideas and schedule our posts. For several weeks, we had a placeholder labeled “Whatever Bill Has”. It quickly became a joke because, well, we didn’t know what Bill had for a blog post. But it gave me an idea.

I had been wanting to write something around Azure Functions (to give me an excuse to test them out), so I decided to build a fashion application using Azure Functions (along with Azure Cosmos DB and Angular) and document what I learned along the way.

My app would allow users (i.e., engineers) to view a list of shirts, jeans, and shoes and configure their outfit for the day. We looked to Bill (or his closet, as it were) for clothing options.

After several weeks, we finally have a functioning app. We currently have four shirts, two pants, and one pair of shoes to choose from.

Bill has many great shirt options. Some of the options can be purchased at our local Edge Apparel here in Lincoln. Another one of the options is a Crown Finish Check Dress Shirt from Peter Millar. The last shirt option is a custom shirt from Buffalo Jeans.

The jeans are Mavi Jeans. They are styling and lightweight; a nice choice for style and comfort.

Bill chose a really styling pair of shoes from Johnston and Murphy. They are really nice looking, and work with almost anything.

Go to the site, design your own “well-dressed engineer”, and vote for your favorite Bill (Twitter login required). We will reveal the results at our Vogon Poetry Reading on November 29th.

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