Lab Reaction: If Social Media Makes You Feel Bad, Quit Using It


| April 6, 2017 | in

I came across this article a few days ago, and in many ways it landed with me.

Maybe that sounds funny coming from a person whose job revolves around social media, but I get it. There’s a lot out there to make us miserable. And it’s a time suck. And very little of it is actually creative.

But I also see the flip side to it. In spite of all the negativity and angst we see online, social media is still a great discovery tool for ideas, professional development tips, connecting with others, and new learning opportunities.

That is our M.O. here at Don’t Panic Labs. We want others to benefit from what we have learned or discovered or struggle at understanding. In addition, we want to learn from those who interact with us.

If we need social media to make us feel better about ourselves, we will resolve nothing and we will continue to be miserable. But if we can view social media as another tool of creation and growth, we will continue to succeed.

There are many aspects to life that we don’t need to treat as black and white propositions, and I see social media as one of them. If you can follow these recommendations I think our social media experiences can improve us:

Steer clear of the haters.
Don’t argue.
Limit your time.
Keep an open mind.

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