Lab Reactions: Amazon Alexa’s new feature could be the best or worst thing for your bank account


| March 17, 2016 | in

Chris Apple shares his reaction to this article about Capital One allowing bank transactions to be made over Alexa-enabled Amazon devices, such as Echo, Tap, and Tap Dot.

chris_apple_75“Confession time… I’m a gadget nerd. I love the latest and greatest gadgets/technology and will try almost anything just because it might be cool. On the surface, this feature seems like a great idea, but in practice only time may tell if this will do more harm than help. I love that I can voice command my SmartThings Hub from Alexa, but had never once given a lot of hard thought to how my house may react to outside noise. In my own world, could my friends on Xbox Live open my garage while I was off headset? Really makes you think.

Also, I think this article underpins the responsibility we developers share with our clients to make sure that what we implement is in the best interest of the customers. Oftentimes we’re in the best position to think through all those pesky “what-if’s” that our clients might not be able to.”


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