Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

As another year winds down, it’s only natural to look back at what we’ve accomplished. Just one part of what we do is share on our blog what we have learned and experienced. Since we’re not interested in keeping all of that just for ourselves, we hope the blog is a way we can help others in the development and entrepreneurial communities.

When we recently looked at our stats for 2015, we weren’t surprised by which posts were most popular. However, we were surprised by the overall number of views we had. 2015 was our biggest year yet.

Thank you, readers. You’re a big part of what makes this worthwhile.


How I Approached Unit Testing by Curtis Johnson – In this video blog post, Curtis illustrates with blocks how unit testing works.


SQL Server Maintenance for the Full-Stack Engineer by Curtis Johnson – In this post, Curtis covers some of the tool available to make full-stack engineers more efficient.


The Day Microsoft Told Me “We should see other people” by Brian Zimmer – Brian talks about his experience in being “left out” when Microsoft made their latest Windows Phone an AT&T exclusive.


Another Transition Story: From Desktop to Surface Pro 3 by Matt Will – When DPL chose to let engineers decide which hardware they’d use every day, Matt chose a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Here he describes his experiences and lessons learned.


Architect’s Master Class – A Rewarding Experience by Curtis Johnson – A few DPL team members attended the Architect’s Master Class taught by Juval Lowy this year. Curtis shares a bit of what he learned and why he recommends it for other engineers.


Browser Debugging Between OS X and Visual Studio in Parallels by Andrew Tarr – Andrew gives us a few tips on successfully debugging when running Visual Studio under a Parallels virtual machine.


Product Development at Nebraska Global / Don’t Panic Labs by Doug Durham – A Periscope video of Doug’s presentation at Lincoln Agile Group’s August meeting.


ConAgra’s Departure Is Our Opportunity by Brian Zimmer – ConAgra’s relocation announcement caused quite a stir. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, Brian offers some positive ideas for the affected employees and community.


A Developer’s Migration Story: Moving from Windows Desktop to MacBook Pro with Parallels by Curtis Johnson – Some developers stuck with Windows, others went OS X. Curtis shares his experience with his MacBook Pro.


GitHub Electron Tutorial: Using Electron-Boilerplate by Paul Bauer – In what is unarguably our most popular post of 2015, Paul gives us a great breakdown on getting started with Electron.