Not only was 2015 our biggest year for the Don’t Panic Labs blog, it also saw the launch of the Nebraska Global blog. Tom Chapman and Adam Hunke have been publishing some great content from the investment and entrepreneurship standpoints during the past few months, and we look forward to what they have store for 2016.

If you missed any of their posts, here are Nebraska Global’s Top 3 posts for 2015 to get you started:

#3 – Ecosystem 101 – Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Part 3

In the third part of this series, Tom discusses some of the non-entrepreneur human capital, financial capital, metrics, knowledgeable community, and infrastructure aspects of entrepreneurial ecosystem.

#2 – What We Know About Entrepreneurs – Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Part 2

In part two, Tom covers the most important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem: the people.

#1 – Lincoln 2010 vs. Lincoln 2015

A great breakdown of how the startup community in Lincoln has grown during the past five years.

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