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Whew! We finally have our website and blog in place. Now we can get down to business.

Early on, we knew we wanted to share our experience and thoughts about software engineering, development tips/tricks, and entrepreneurship. We thought it only made sense that we set up a blog so we could regularly share our thoughts on these topics and show what we’re about instead of solely relying on some static, high-level text on our website. This would allow us to really “dig down” into specific topics and let people know what we are thinking about, the techniques we are using, and solutions to the challenges we have faced.

As we currently see it, we can distill our thoughts into these basic categories:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software Engineering
  • Development Methodologies & Best Practices
  • Software Development Tips & Tricks
  • .NET Development
  • Software Patterns
  • Leadership
  • Community Service

We have a lot we want to talk about and share from the lessons we have learned, but we are going to pace ourselves and try to post an article about once a week. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter account (@DontPanicLabs) that will be updated when we post a new article to help you stay in the loop a little easier.

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