The term “innovation” is overused and has lost much of its meaning. There are plenty of people who can tell you what your organization should do to enable innovation, but very few have a track record of knowing how to do it.

For us, innovation means transforming ideas into viable software products and companies. It is a process that can be managed with the right disciplines to increase success. Layering in the right team, tools, and technology is essential when undertaking new innovation efforts.

Our lean startup mindset delivers the results you need. Our “toolbox” contains a variety of methods and techniques that help at every stage of the process.

Your team
Our team

Successful corporations are built around the repeatable and predictable delivery of existing products and services. While this works for maintaining existing products, it makes innovating new ones difficult. Healthy innovation efforts require businesses to operate “outside their norm” and demand that the right people, effective processes, and different perspectives be in place.

You understand your industry and customers. Our team knows how to marry your knowledge with proven processes to develop new solutions. We use short bursts of effort from which we build, measure, learn, and adapt.

Building new products can be daunting, but having the right partner reduces the risk and accelerates the project. Our track record demonstrates that we think differently about solving difficult problems.

We love them, but we know that half of all joint ventures are not successful.

Reasons for this can include lack of strategic alignment, unclear decision‑making responsibilities, and poorly-defined resource ownership. In short, it comes down to miscommunicated expectations.

We avoid that by learning more about you and your goals before getting into any agreements.

Let us explore if we are a good fit.