Small town Nebraska born and raised, Bill is has spent the last couple of decades finding ways to build cool things with his buddies. In that time his circle of “buddies” has grown and the “cool things” have morphed from building software platforms to building communities and ecosystems of software engineering, corporate innovation, and entrepreneurship.

His first real job at a Silicon Valley startup in the early 2000’s set the stage for a career of creating innovation. His next stop at TAG/TMI transformed both TAG and its client insurance companies into innovation leaders in the industry. That innovation lead to the creation and growth of an ecosystem of companies in Lincoln, and Omaha and ultimately the acquisition of TAG/TMI by Perot Systems.

Currently Bill is happily creating a groundswell of change and innovation in the Silicon Prairie ecosystem with his buddies at Don’t Panic Labs. He can be found regularly at community events or busily working in coffee shops and boardrooms to create opportunities from collisions of entrepreneurs, community leaders, and the ecosystem.

When not at a coffee shop he is likely with his wife Tina and his kids at a cross country meet, concert, or ball field.