Some of the younger DPLers probably weren’t even born when he accidentally took a programming course. He discovered that he could create something new simply by thinking it into existence! Typing is just a conduit.

That sparked his passion for learning new things. At DPL, you’ll find him excited learning about new business models, new projects, new products, new Frameworks, etc. He’s part of many DPL projects: EliteForm (Custom hardware for weightlifting performance tracking), Beehive Industries (Asset management for cities), FourStarzz (Influencer search engine), and many more.

Hari’s passion for learning extends beyond DPL walls. At home, he built a 3D printer from scratch, taught himself how to design custom circuit boards, and recently he discovered the fun of creating YouTube videos. His videos have been featured on many websites including DPL Blog, Hackaday, and Reddit.

Hari enjoys living in Lincoln, which he considers to be a small town. He lives 10 minutes away from the DPL office, so he often goes home to have lunch with his wife.