Choosing a Mocking Framework

As we neared the end of our BizSpark license term here at Don’t Panic Labs, we had to make some big choices when it came to licensing Visual Studio. Through BizSpark we were using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, which gave us access to a lot of different features. One of which, Microsoft Fakes, was heavily […]

Why I’m Betting On Windows Phone

I fell for Windows Phone while attending Microsoft MIX 2010. The OS had a fresh, albeit flat, minimalistic interface. I loved the vision of a common design pattern shared between the Windows Phone OS and its apps. And appealing to my logical side, completing tasks was incredibly efficient and streamlined. As one of the few […]

Deploying Console Apps via MSBuild

VS2010 and MSBuild don’t provide a good way to deploy windows apps using continuous integration (especially to different environments). Over the past couple days I’ve wasted a lot of time manually deploying my apps to test them on dev. Brian Gansemer has talked about creating hooks for deploying ClickOnce apps as part of the build […]

Load Testing in Visual Studio 2010

Have you ever wondered if your custom data access code is any more efficient than simply loading a DataTable? Not that I’d recommend using DataTables except for certain situations, but Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate makes it easy to load test your data access classes to determine performance. In order to test this out I created […]

Isolating 32-bit COM Components on 64-bit Build Servers

A few weeks back while getting Mako XRM ready for launch, I was working through an issue involving ClickOnce build and deployment. I was attempting to isolate a 32-bit COM component so it would not need to be registered on every end-user’s computer upon ClickOnce install. MSDN has a decent article describing the process ( […]